The aim of career consulting is to help you work out a career development strategy and optimize your job search process in the shortest possible time.

3 steps to order a career consultation:

 — Send your CV and a brief description of expected results of career consulting to with a copy to
 — Wait for a reply from the consultant confirming your visit.
 — Buy the consultation online.

Who can benefit from career consulting?
Specialists, managers, and executives who are actively searching for a job in their professional field or wish to shift the focus of their career.

At a career consultation you will learn:
— what you CV tells about you;
— how employers assess you;
— how to present yourself in a correct way;
— how to respond to vacancies when your experience doesn't completely match the requirements.

A career consultation will help you:
— devise a career strategy and optimize the job search process;
— update and enhance your CV;
— write a good cover letter;
— identify your strengths and motivating factors;
— understand current job market trends.

In addition, you can order an emotional intelligence test or Thomas PPA test with a discount

After the consultation, you will receive a written report with recommendations on:
— amending your CV and cover letter;
— devising your job search strategy;
— passing an interview.

Format: a one-hour face-to-face consultation followed by a feedback within 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT! Antal does not guarantee that the candidate will find employment after a career consultation. We only provide consultations and a set of recommendations on job search strategy that help most candidates find a suitable job in a more effective way.


Your career consultant

Ekaterina Golovina career consultant.JPG

Career consulting is done by Ekaterina Golovina, senior consultant of the HR practice at Antal, the international recruitment company.

  • Has 18 years experience in recruitment.
  • For the last three years, has been providing career consulting services for candidates of all levels – from entry-level specialists to top managers.
  • Took part in an outplacement project for members of the American embassy, gave 30 consultations as part of the project.
  • Has previous experience in organising and holding workshops, such as "Effective oral and written communication" and "Recruitment methods for heads of departments".
  • Holds certificates: "The art of coaching: A mirror of your changing reality", "Fundamentals of psychoanalytic technique and their practical applications" , РРА SLG Thomas International certificate.

"I like working with people, helping them make important decisions and shape their career path. During the short time of our interaction, you will better understand your capabilities and limitations, see your strengths, compile a high-quality CV, and get ready for an interview", Ekaterina Golovina says about career consulting.


"Thank you for your valuable recommendations. I have learnt a lot, discovered some new points and issues that gave me food for thought. I'll try to reflect all these things in my updated CV. The time of the meeting just flew by. Thank you for your easy manner of communication!"

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for the promptly arranged meeting and the valuable advice. The results of the meeting have helped me amend my CV, see my capabilities from a different perspective, and, hopefully, rule out a number of potential mistakes at interviews".

"I'd like to thank your company for organising the workshop and for the individual consultation held yesterday with Ekaterina Golovina, senior HR practice consultant. The individual consultation turned out to be very interesting and was useful for improving my CV, presenting myself more clearly as an asset on the job market, identifying my medium-term and long-term tasks and goals, and defining my priorities and the steps which I need to take to develop my career". 

"For me, the meeting turned out very pleasant and useful. You have helped me structure my professional experience, find my achievements, and see how to describe all this in my CV.
You have helped me understand how to reply to difficult questions asked at interviews, and you have also helped me make up my mind about my career path – decide that I'd like to stay in the segment where I have been working up to now. Your recommendations about business literature on negotiations were also very helpful. Besides, the meeting gave me a boost of self-confidence and positive attitude to life".

"Your advice on how to present my achievements was very helpful. I managed to come to an agreement with a potential employer about a second interview with the head of the department after a while".

"To be frank, I have long felt doubtful about the necessity of career consulting. But today's meeting dispelled all my doubts and helped me consolidate my career prospects. A separate thanks for this, and thanks for the advice on compiling my CV!".