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Staff turnover has started to grow

According to a survey carried out by the recruitment company Antal Russia, staff turnover is on the rise. 28% of employers now state that staff turnover in their company has grown over the past year. Two years ago, the situation was radically different: only 15% of companies noted an increase in staff turnover, while 35% stated that it had decreased.

7 March 2019
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Every third company has remote-working employees

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 32% of companies have employees who work remotely full-time.

8 January 2019
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In every fifth company attending the New Year corporate party was compulsory

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 74% of employers are planning to organize an office party for their employees to celebrate the New Year. Notably, 22% of the respondents state that in their company it is compulsory to attend the New Year party.

2 January 2019
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Employers are planning minimal salary increases in 2019

According to a survey by the recruitment company Antal Russia, over a half of employers are planning to increase salaries in their company in 2019 but the increment will be as low as 1-6%.

6 December 2018
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Employers aren't planning to raise salaries in 2018

According to a survey by the recruitment company Antal, employers aren't planning any significant salary increases.

19 December 2017
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Expatriates stay in Russia with optimism

Nearly a half of the expatriates (48%) are optimistic or very optimistic about the prospects of the Russian economy in the next 12 months, while the figure for Russian respondents is a mere 23%. Also, the percentage of pessimists is nearly twice lower amongst expatriates (19% against 35%).

9 October 2017
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Expatriates on Russian labour market. New Antal expat survey 2017

We are happy to introduce you our new publication about expatriates working in Russia.

31 August 2017
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Antal Global Snapshot. Take part in a survey

Take part in our short survey about your staffing plans for this year and you’ll get a detailed presentation with the full results. You can use this information as a labour market benchmark and a helpful reference.

21 July 2017
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First results of the Job market overview and Salary Survey 2017

Antal Russia, a leading executive recruitment company presented its' first findings on the current state of the job market in Russia, based on a survey conducted in 2017 which covered over 8,000 middle and senior managers & professionals.

23 May 2017
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Labour market in 2016

Dear colleagues, we are proud to present the first results of "Job Market Overview and Salary Survey 2016" which is the seventh issue of our annual job market survey.

2 June 2016
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