3 July 2017

Antal International gives more opportunities for our clients

Founded in 1994, Antal Russia was an important part of the Antal International Group. In 2008 Antal Russia was sold to the FiveTen Group for investment opportunities and was the largest private recruitment company to be sold in Russia. Now Antal International has announced the acquisition of Antal Russia.

What does this mean for our clients? 

  • International network. Now we are part of the impressively big recruiting family represented in more than 145 offices in 34 countries. Experience and network of almost thousand of our colleagues around the world now is working for your benefit;

  • International coverage. Network of the Antal International offices located in major cities around the world guarantees our clients will get first class recruitment service not only in Russia but in any part of the world;

  • Stability. We will continue to fulfill all agreements and obligations to you and will make sure that you get the maximum benefit from our new status. 

  • Development. Antal International believes in the Russian economy as much as we do and now we will together continue to make our company better for you, so you can develop your business using our services. You can always contact us if you need not only recruitment, but also salary surveys, HR consulting, outstaffing, outsourcing, contracting, candidates assessment, outplacement and more.

  • Global expertise. We will keep informing you about the key trends of the Russian labour market, but also we will provide you more international HR-practices and useful information. Stay tuned!