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Atmosphere of Success and Achievements

Antal Russia has been a leader in recruiting middle and senior managers in Russia and the CIS for more than 20 years. We combine many years of experience in the Russian market and an international approach to business. At Antal Russia, you will join an international team of ambitious, creative, and commercially focused experts.


Senior Consultant
Antal Russia is a driving force that motivates you to succeed. The highly competitive environment gives you an opportunity to gain recognition of your peers and become a real leader both within the company and the entire market.

Challenging Tasks and Discretion

Grow "your business" and build your own brand with us. At Antal Russia you will be able to develop as an expert in consulting services, implement your ideas, and take part in marketing and HR projects if this is what you are interested in.

Antal Russia provides you with the platform and technologies for personal and professional development, and the rest is up to you!


I feel at ease here, because Antal Russia allows me to schedule my work the way I like and need it (as long as my performance meets the expectations of the company and my superiors).

International Team

We speak 15 languages!

You will become proficient in English, using it to communicate with non-resident colleagues and partners.


Specialist at HR Department
I realised that I worked in a truly international company on day one: first I encountered our Commercial Director who talked to me in English; then I met our intern who turned out to be of Bulgarian origin (just like me), and we had a chat in Bulgarian. Several moments later, the intern and our CEO had a discussion in German.

Support of Colleagues

The culture of mutual support and openness is what makes us different from many other companies. You can turn to any employee for help or advice at Antal Russia.

More Than Just Business

Working in our team also implies many pleasant activities such as home-cooked Friday breakfasts, fresh fruit, sports, parties, and trips to Antal offices worldwide.

Antal Russia's School

Every new employee takes up to 20 training sessions during the initial six months in the company!

Our experienced colleagues and guest experts teach the team members methods of candidate selection and head hunting, interviewing techniques, train them in sales and business development, negotiations, customer relations, time management, leadership skills, and much more!

Your Income Prospects at Antal Russia

The company's bonus scheme is one of the most attractive and transparent among those offered by recruitment agencies in Russia. Your income depends on your performance and the contribution you make to the company's profits.

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Your Career Opportunities at Antal Russia

Antal Russia has an efficient, clear and transparent career development scheme: 88% of our top executives started out as consultants and moved up the career ladder within the company. Besides, we support any ideas of our colleagues, up to starting a new business. You can achieve anything with us!

Our ideal candidates

Professional recruiters who can work in a variety of industries and disciplines, eager to develop their brand and deepen the industry-specific knowledge.
Industry specialists looking for exciting challenges in a new field, ready to apply their professional knowledge in recruitment.

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